A restaurant owner in England responded to a plea by replacing and improving a chef’s stolen bike.

Chef Liam Sidaway’s bike was stolen while he was working at Apple Cart in Peterborough. It was the only way he could get about.

“My bike had unfortunately been stolen whilst on shift, and I used it to get around and to and from work. It caused a big reaction around the local community when posted on social media,” Sidaway told the Peterborough Telegraph.

Daniel Selcraig was reminded of his own bike theft when he first started out when he saw the post on Facebook.

“When I was younger and working at my first job I saved up hundreds of pounds to buy a brand new bike. Within two weeks of getting it, I left work to find my lock cut on the floor and the bike gone,” Selcraig said.

“This was so upsetting and to this day I can still remember the awful feeling of seeing it had gone. When I heard about Liam’s story I knew I couldn’t ignore it and knew that something had to be done for him.”

Selcraig, the owner of Elite Lawn Maintenance, ordered a better replica of the stolen bike and delivered it to Sidaway at the bar.

“We are just a small family run lawn care business who on this occasion could afford to help someone in a terrible situation out,” said Selcraig. “If we can, we will always help our local community as they have been so supportive with our business adventure since we started in 2019.”

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