Tilly, a border collie mix, was thrown out of a car following a collision and fled.

On a neighbouring property, the dog was discovered herding sheep.

Linda Oswald’s family was travelling on an Idaho highway with their 2-year-old border collie when their vehicle collided with another vehicle.

Although no one was badly hurt in the collision, police are asking residents in the vicinity to keep an eye out for Tilly, who was thrown from the car when the back glass smashed and fled.

The family also posted a picture of Tilly on Facebook in the hopes of finding their beloved pet.

The message arrived at a farm about a mile and a half from the accident site, when two brothers, Travis and Zane Potter, noticed something odd.

“The sheep were getting scared… all our dogs were freaking out,” Travis told the local news station.

“I think that dog was trying to herd.”

Then he received a call from his grandma, who had seen the Facebook post about the missing dog.

“My grandma, she actually lives in Southern California, and she found the post and she sent that to me,” Travis said.

Tilly had dropped some weight but was generally healthy, so the Oswalds were reunited with her.

Linda went on to say that Tilly is back to his old self after the collision and his stay on the farm, and that she is appreciative to all of the “wonderful folks out there” who assisted in bringing the dog home safely.

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