Aaron Murphy has committed his life to using Internet donations to help total strangers in South America.


Did you know that something as little as hair clippers can take a family out of poverty? #PerfectAsWeAre #fyp #asuncion #paraguay

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He names it “MurphsLife” and documents life-changing experiences for low-income families on social media.

He met a woman in a recent video who couldn’t afford a pair of hair clippers for her salon.

“I use your donations to bless the lives of amazing human beings that I find during my travels through South America. With these donations, I not only feed them, clothe them, build them homes, and so much more… With your donations, you are changing their lives forever,” Murphy says.

Murphy bought food and a motorcycle for a family living in great poverty in another video.


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“My hope is that the people who’ve watched these videos would remember to feel gratitude for all that they have, and learn how they can help literally change the lives of less fortunate human beings,” Murphy says.

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