A barber who had recently passed her exam offered her first formal haircut to a homeless guy at a bus station in Louisville.

When Lex Moran and Joe meet paths, she says she makes it a point to look after him.

“When I pull up, I try to feed him, give him a little money, make sure he has clothes and whatever he needs just to maintain through that day,” Moran told WLKY.

Joe, 29, was discovered at a bus stop in the Taylor Berry neighbourhood on Sunday, and he said that he needed a haircut.

“He was talking about how his hair was longer and it was tickling his ears,” Moran said.

Joe was fortunate in that she had recently completed and passed her barber board exam, and her supplies were already in the car.

A near-death incident in 2016 transformed Moran’s perspective on life, she claims. While standing on her doorstep, she was shot three times. An 8-hour surgery, a 10-day hospital stay, and physical and mental recuperation followed the incident.

“He just shot four times in my direction and I caught three of them,” Moran said. “Having a second chance at life, it’s just sympathy and compassion and even having an understanding for others, no matter the situation.”

She aspires to set an example by showing the world that greater love and compassion are always needed.

“I’ve gotten so much love from just helping Joe and it’s almost unbelievable that it’s love out here in a world of so much negativity and so many shootings and killings,” she said.

“If I can just be a little hope and a little change and a little love that is in the community, maybe I can lead other people to do the exact same thing as I am.”

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