A freediver just needed 20 minutes to locate a woman’s lost engagement ring in Lake Windermere, England’s largest lake.

During a trip to the Lake District, Viki Patel proposed to fiance Rebecca Chaukria. The ring slid off Rebecca’s finger two days later as she was standing on a pier.

“We got up and her hand went forward a bit and the ring completely slipped off and plopped into the lake about two metres ahead,” Patel told BBC News.

He dashed back to the hotel to get his shorts and made a pit stop at a water sports store to purchase goggles.

“When I explained the situation to them they told me about Lake District Diving and Angus and Declan,” said Patel.

Believing time was of the essence, Patel waded into the “absolutely freezing” water to search for the ring himself.

“I lost all hope once I saw how the bottom was all mushy,” he said.

He phoned Lake District Diving volunteer Angus Hosking, who had an underwater metal detector with him.

“He was scouting around for a while, and I was starting to get worried then he emerged from the water with a smile, saying ‘I think we have it’,” Patel said.

“Fortunately we had a rough idea of where it was,” Hosking told BBC News. “If it had been in the middle of the lake it wouldn’t have been like a needle in a haystack, but a needle in the world.”

The hotel’s Instagram page posted photos and videos of Hosking’s successful operation, including one of the diver giving off the ring to a grateful Vik and Rebecca.

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