A Virginia sheriff’s deputy’s courageous act of single-handedly pulling a vehicle off a woman trapped beneath it was captured on video by his body camera.

Deputy J. Holt Credit: Gloucester County Sheriff’s Office

Deputy Jon Holt of the Gloucester Sheriff’s Office responded to an overturned vehicle with an entrapment on May 7.

The driver was unconscious, her head stuck by the sunroof beneath the vehicle. The agony that the woman’s child was going through as a result of witnessing this circumstance pushed Holt over the over.

“The Gloucester Sheriff’s Office would like to again recognize Deputy J. Holt on another unbelievable incident that occurred on May 7, 2021,” the office wrote in a Facebook post.

“As many know, Deputy J. Holt recently accepted both the local and regional Top Cop Awards from the Greater Hampton Roads Regional Crime Line on February 2, 2021 for his commitment to public safety after saving the lives of 2 individuals from a burning house on the afternoon of March 24, 2020.

He wasn’t done!

On May 7th, Deputy J. Holt responded to an overturned vehicle with an entrapment. The driver was laying underneath the vehicle with her head pinned by the sunroof. Seeing the trauma her child was witnessing, Deputy J. Holt went into overdrive.

Through sheer will and determination due to fearing the female may succumb to her circumstance in front of her panic-stricken child, Deputy J. Holt took quick action and was able to physically lift the vehicle up enough for the driver to maneuver her head out to safety.

The GCSO would like to share a portion of Dep. J. Holt’s body camera video as it captured this tremendous act.”

Take a look at the video below.

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