After her laptop was returned to her by a stranger, a businesswoman in the United Kingdom posted a gratitude post on linkedin.

“This morning I got off the tube, walked half way up the platform and realised my rucksack with my laptop in was still on the tube that had just left the platform. My entire business is run on that laptop. I said a few explicit words and then cried for a bit, ran to the train conductor who told me he couldn’t get through to lost property and gave me a form and told me it might take up to 7 days to hear back.

10 mins later I was ready to head to Oxford Circus to get a new laptop because I can’t do my job without it, as I went to head for the next tube to run to central, I then got a call from a guy asking if my name was Daisy, and told me he’d seen my name on my laptop screen and googled me, found my LinkedIn profile abs had my laptop at Shadwell station.

A couple things have occurred to me since:

  • Human beings are incredible when they’re nice
  • Thank God I optimised my LinkedIn profile and had good SEO
  • Clearly I need to pay more attention to my surroundings
  • We need more people like Nahid in the world

When I insisted that I pay my karma back he refused and told me it was a normal thing to do and he didn’t want repayment. I wanted to share this story because there’s a lot of negativity in the world atm and this whole situation my heart really bloody warm.”

Morris’ post has received over 31,000 likes and hundreds of comments complimenting Nahid’s generosity.

“Wow! I’m overwhelmed by the amount of messages I’ve received about this and so much praise for Nahid (rightly so!) it seems that the world really does need more positive stories right now (as well as more people like Nahid!) :)” she added.

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