Marcus Rashford, a footballer, has topped The Sunday Times Giving List for the first time, making him the youngest person to do so.

The rating compares the amounts donated to or earned for charity to the income valuation for certain people or families on the Rich List.

Rashford, who is also on the Young Rich List for the first time with a fortune of £16 million, successfully persuaded the UK Government to reverse its ban on free school meals during the coronavirus lockdown, ensuring that children in need can receive free meals all summer.

In October 2020, the 23-year-old received an MBE for services to disadvantaged children during the pandemic, and she has since created a child food insecurity task force, partnering with some of the country’s largest supermarkets and food brands.

Rashford’s efforts as a FareShare ambassador resulted in an estimated £20 million in direct contributions to the food poverty charity. This gives him a Giving Index of 125, since the £20 million represents 125 percent of his £16 million net worth.

“We are delighted he’s been honoured in this way,” said FareShare chief executive Lindsay Boswell. “Marcus’ support for FareShare over the last year and his commitment to tackling child hunger has simply been incredible.”

“His own experience of relying on free school meals to eat brings authenticity and compassion to his campaigning, and his status as a Premier League footballer means people and politicians sit up and take notice.”

During his childhood, Rashford depended on free school meals for breakfast and lunch. His mother, the youngest of five children, worked three jobs to put food on the table, and it was still insufficient.

“My mother worked full time, earning the minimum wage, to make sure we always had a good dinner at the table, but it wasn’t enough,” Rashford told the BBC.”We bought seven yogurts for a pound, so we could at least eat one of them a day.”

The Manchester United star addressed his childhood hunger in a heartfelt letter he wrote to his 10-year-old self: “the noise your stomach has been making, will one day be replaced with the noise of crowds chanting your name.”

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