A Pennsylvania first-grade teacher has gone beyond and beyond to continue teaching a cancer-stricken pupil.

Barb Heim is a first-grade teacher at Conneaut Valley Elementary School in Conneautville, where she has been for 35 years.

Heim discovered something was wrong with one of her students at the end of the year. During recess, instead of being involved as normal, Harrison Conner would become pale and have to sit down while the other kids played.

Harrison’s mother was notified by Heim and the school nurse before the Christmas break.

Harrison was flown to a Pittsburgh hospital in a helicopter over the holiday break.

Later, he was diagnosed with leukaemia.

As Harrison battled for his life, Heim offered to drive him home after school to make sure he didn’t fall behind.

She brought classes, sweets, and hope every day.

“It goes far beyond her just coming here for school,” Harrison’s mother, Suzanne, told TODAY. “Ever since the minute he was diagnosed … she has been absolutely amazing. She has kept Harrison such a part of the kids’ lives in school and making sure that he feels remembered.

“It’s not like a teacher is coming from school to teach, she’s like an aunt who is coming over to hang out, and she brings goodies, and she is always bringing a smile. My kids will meet her at the front door with all the latest news and it’s incredibly, incredibly, special.”

Harrison is now cancer-free, but he also has a year of recovery ahead of him. Mrs. Heim has helped him to succeed in second grade.

“It was a joy, because I knew he wanted to learn,” Heim said. “He couldn’t wait. He was so excited. And he’d have his off days if medicine was causing him to not feel up to it. It wasn’t the best day for him, but we made it through. And he always did his best.”

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