During his “Birthday Drive-By,” a special education teacher in California shocked one of her students.

Pete and Allison Halvorsen of Manhattan Beach organised a car parade for their son Luke’s 10th birthday.

A dancing unicorn strutted down the street after all of the cars had passed.

Pete put on “One More Time,” a song from Luke’s favourite film, “Trolls World Tour.” Luke danced on the lawn while the unicorn danced in the driveway.

Heather Tuttle, also known as “the unicorn teacher,” was the teacher at Meadows Elementary School who wore the inflatable suit. She uses unicorns to decorate her classroom, gives unicorn presents, and also lets her students choose her next hair colour.

Tuttle believes the unicorn is the ideal image for her unique students.

“A lot of our kids don’t fit the typical mold,” Tuttle told Daily Breeze. “So, it’s a good message for them that it’s okay to be different and to be proud of who they are.”

“It takes a special person to choose that line of work… and Ms. Tuttle puts the Special in Special Education year round,” Pete Halvorsen said.

Birthday Drive-By
Manhattan Beach Meadows Elementary School teacher Heather Tuttle with her student Luke Halvorsen before the coronavirus closed down schools. Tuttle, known as ‘the unicorn teacher’ dresses in bright colors and even lets students dictate her next hair color.

“I just try to connect with students in whatever way I can,” Tuttle added.

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