A boomer who was selling an air compressor to raise money for a liver transplant got the funds he needed from members of a Facebook community mocking boomers.

Gary Rider, 57, advertised on Facebook Marketplace for a “air compressor/ twords liver transplant.”

When members of the Facebook community “a car club where everybody behaves like a boomer” discovered the message, they didn’t just mock the boomer like they usually do. They were able to assist the man to the tune of $56,000.

Rider’s daughter started a Gofundme account about two months ago.

“I had the Gofundme set up for about a little under 2 months and it [got] basically $175 worth of donations,” Rider told Jalopnik.

That is, before his post was discovered by “a car club where everybody behaves like a boomer.” The community is a joke made up of younger car enthusiasts who mock old-timers and their predictable ways of navigating the automotive world.

“Everyone essentially role plays as boomers on Facebook: ALL CAPS, numerous misspellings, irrelevant selfies attached to posts, always complaining about their wives, being aggressively conservative or Christian, etc,” the group’s administrator said.

They did more than make jokes after a member shared the article with the community.

The GoFundMe account went from a few hundred dollars to over $50,000 in just a few days.

Rider had intended to sell his home in order to pay for the operation.

“I live in an old coal patch town. My house is only worth about $15,000. I had planned on selling my house and everything to fund this,” he said.

“People in the group saw it and just…it’s blown my mind completely as to how much the people are helping me.”

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