A picture taken at a Mexican restaurant in Mississippi of two strangers sharing a meal is bringing smiles to people all over the world.

“I’m not sure who this man is and I’m sure he just wanted to eat his meal in peace but Brekken had other plans,” Wadford said.

When Wadford went to take Brekken to her car, the child started crying, and the man asked if he could get him. Brekken immediately stopped crying as this happened.

After that, the nice man and Brekken sat at the table and talked while eating chips and salsa.

“Brekken was completely content and told him ‘bye’ like he had known him his whole life,” Wadford said.

“It’s the small things… He didn’t have to do what he did but completely made Brekken’s whole day.”

On Facebook, the picture of the two sharing a meal has nearly 100,000 likes.

Many users assume there was something more going on, that Brekken and the man knew each other in a previous life.

The man has been identified as Darius West, and, according to Wadford, the two now speak regularly.

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