A video of her students at recess posted by a middle school teacher in Detroit will restore your faith in humanity.

When the students are playing tag football, they pass the ball to a student in an electric wheelchair, who then rolls in for a touchdown.

“Sometimes people think I’m crazy for teaching middle school, and then sometimes this happens at recess,” Katie Biggar captioned the video.

Biggar, a sixth-grade teacher at Detroit Lakes Middle School, says her students show kindness and compassion to Kale Hannahs on a daily basis.

“It’s a weird age, and I think we sometimes underestimate our own kids.” Biggar said in an interview with a local news outlet.

“[The video] was 100% kid-orchestrated. That was them being fun. They treat Kale like that every day.”

Kale has cerebral palsy but he has always dreamed of being a football player, and actually had a dream about it. After he told some friends about his dream, they made it happen.

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