Gloria Walker has wanted to visit Egypt since she was a small child. Her son is bringing her dream to life.
When Walker’s son Dustin Vitale learned that she had late-stage bladder cancer last year, he asked her, “If there’s one thing in the world you can do, what will it be?”

He said, “She said, ‘I’d like to see the pyramids.'” “She’s wanted to see them since she was a little girl.”

She, on the other hand, did not want to travel alone or with her husband, Tone. She wanted to take her whole family.

Vitale, a middle school teacher in Philadelphia, could never afford to pay for the 14 family members’ travel expenses. As a result, he determined that he could collect funds by selling cheesesteaks.

Vitale said his campaign began on his Instagram post, which he shared with the support of friends, family, and students.

Cars began double-parking outside his house almost immediately. Faces he didn’t know began to appear at his house.

“We did 94 in one day and we were completely blown away,” Vitale said.

Vitale received all of the money he wanted and more in just six weeks after a food truck operator offered his services.

He’d earned $18,000.

Their trip is set to take place later this year. Cleopatra, according to his mother, never had it so well.

“The love, you know, it’s overwhelming,” she said.

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