A group of all-terrain vehicle (ATV) riders know as “The Wild Bunch”, Found themselves in a scary situation when one of their dog’s got stuck on a cliff in Moab, Utah and needed to be rescued.

Another enthusiast caught the rescue on camera.

Bill and Vickie Bagshaw’s dog, Summer was with the crew when she accidentally stepped off the edge and started sliding down a steep cliff.

Steven Hawkins (the president of the Utah ATV Association) said “I was like, ‘This can’t happen like this. I have to do something,”

Luckily, Summer listened to commands to stay still so she didn’t continue sliding down.

Strangers then joined The Wild Bunch to help rescue the dog.

Owner Vickie Bagshaw said. “We knew we had a good group of friends, but I will tell you this solidified it and I think it’s made us all a lot closer.”

You can see the rescue below.

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